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Trevor Noah Investigates How Miniskirts Influenced Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy

In a Venn diagram featuring miniskirts and President Obama, who knew the two could overlap in a middle section titled Donald Trump’s Afghanistan War Strategy? During Tuesday night’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah picked apart the president’s vague speech that detailed in broad strokes the military’s plan to increase troops in the area and defeat extremists. To explain Trump’s reversal on the issue — during the campaign he was against the war in Afghanistan — Noah played a clip from a news story reporting that the commander-in-chief committed more resources to the war only after seeing vintage photos of women in the conservative country wearing miniskirts, which supposedly convinced Trump that Afghanistan could be westernized. Or something. The speech in which Trump announced his Afghanistan strategy echoed a certain 44th president’s same remarks on America’s longest-running war. Guess Melania isn’t the only one in her family influenced by her predecessor.

Trevor Noah: Miniskirts Influenced Trump’s War Strategy