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All of the Best Crying GIFs From Twin Peaks: The Return


Twin Peaks: The Return is a whole lot of things. Confusing. Nostalgic. Surrealist. Terrifying. And filled with lots of crying and weeping. Okay, not too much crying and weeping, but Lynchian tears have indeed been shed throughout the series’ 13 episodes so far, ranging from the genuinely heartbreaking (we hate you, Richard Horne) to the campy. Let’s track ‘em.

Twenty-five years later and the gents are still spellbound by the sight of Laura Palmer.

Can we start campaigning for Kyle MacLachlan’s Emmy?

All he ever wanted to do was to go scuba diving in the Bahamas.

How you react when you hit your boss in the face with a remote control.

Now that’s an unexpected knock on the door.

When boys are the worst.

This! Is! What! You! Get! For! Messing! With! Dougie!

Just you and I, watching a hip woman get emotional to “Just You and I.”

Twin Peaks: The Return: The Best Crying GIFs