Watch Jerry Seinfeld and Norm Macdonald’s Chat on ‘Norm Macdonald Live’

The latest episode of Norm Macdonald Live dropped today, and it’s another big one: an hourlong chat between Macdonald and Jerry Seinfeld, whose Netflix standup special debuts next month. The two chat about their early comedy influences, Bill Cosby (Macdonald: “You know, I had maybe the greatest Bill Cosby story ever. And now it’s not in the top 10,000”), Seinfeld’s failed Comedy Store audition as a young comic, Seinfeld vs. Curb Your Enthusiasm, comic actors crossing over into drama (Seinfeld: “I feel sorry for them”), and Seinfeld’s thoughts on how much of success comes from hard work and how much comes from luck: “I think that if you really want to be funny and you don’t really care what the consequences are, but you want to do this thing that you think is funny, and you have a good sense of that, that’s what makes or breaks it,” he says. And does Seinfeld want to “give back” after all the wisdom and success he’s received? “Ehh, I didn’t take anything,” he tells Macdonald. “I earned it.”

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