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Watch Kathy Bates and Conan O’Brien Sing ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ With Baltimore Accents

Fun fact about “The Star-Spangled Banner”: The lyrics were written by Maryland native Francis Scott Key while aboard a British ship in the Baltimore Harbor during the War of 1812’s Battle of Baltimore. Another fun fact about the National Anthem? Kathy Bates sung the patriotic tune in a Baltimore accent every time she wanted to get into her character’s dialect on American Horror Story: Freak Show. So, considering United States history and all, is her rendition on Conan what that patriotic song is really supposed to sound like? No. Any real Baltimorean would tell you that you have to scream “O” really loud out of respect to the Orioles baseball team (Michael Phelps agrees). But otherwise, pretty close.

Watch Kathy Bates, Conan Sing Anthem With Baltimore Accents