Watch Sarah Silverman and Norm Macdonald’s Two-Hour ‘Norm Macdonald Live’ Chat

Norm Macdonald dropped the latest episode of Norm Macdonald Live today, and his chat with Sarah Silverman is so comprehensive that it’s split into two clips that both clock in at just under an hour. Check out part 1 above, where Silverman and Macdonald talk about her earliest comedy influences, the “funny vs. offensive” argument, what she did after getting fired from Saturday Night Live, The Sarah Silverman Program (and a possible spin-off), Harris Wittels, and more. Macdonald and Silverman also trade some delightful jokes, like Macdonald’s frog prince joke: “Did you ever hear that one: A lady meets the little frog. The frog says ‘If you kiss me, I’ll become a handsome prince.’ You know, kind of a woman empowerment joke. The lady says, ‘Fuck it, I’d rather have me a talking frog.’”

Watch part 2 of the episode below, where Silverman talks about her experience as a woman in comedy, what inspired her to become a political activist, her thoughts on the next generation of comedians, and tons more:

Watch Sarah Silverman and Norm Macdonald’s Two-Hour […]