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All It Took Was a Nose Job to Turn Bradley Cooper Into Adam Scott in Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later

When everyone returns to Camp Firewood in Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later, Ben is in a very different place. No, not just because he and McKinley have a baby, or because their babysitter is played by Alyssa Milano. Focus on his face in this clip Netflix released before the new season of Wet Hot comes out this Friday. Notice something different, maybe around the nose area?

Yes, you’re a very observant person — that is not Bradley Cooper. In fact, it’s Adam Scott, who’s replacing Cooper this season due to Cooper’s scheduling issues, according to EW. Wet Hot has decided to explain this change by saying that Ben got a nose job to fix his deviated septum, which is barely noticeable. We’re not sure if it scans, or how we feel about this change to the great Ben and McKinley love story, but it is nice that Ben and Susie’s reunion is now also a Ben and Leslie reunion.

Adam Scott Is Bradley Cooper in the New Season of Wet Hot