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Which Sex and the City Characters Would Vote for Cynthia Nixon?

Cynthia Nixon, left, played Miranda Hobbes on Sex in the City. Photo: HBO

Ever since Cynthia Nixon’s name was floated as a potential candidate for New York governor, she’s been busy coyly avoiding the question of whether she’d run. She did it again just this morning on the Today show: “I have heard those rumors, yes,” Nixon said when the hosts mentioned that she might launch her gubernatorial campaign soon. But should Nixon decide to rattle the race, it raises an important question that we must start discussing over brunch immediately: Which Sex and the City characters would vote for her? Would Big, would Steve, would Charlotte? Vulture broke down the major players and where they’d stand on a Nixon 2018 campaign.

Samantha: We know that Sam is apolitical: “I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party,” she said wisely. “I just believe in parties.” But when it comes to candidates, her views are well-established. “The country runs better with a good-looking man in the White House,” she told the girls in season three. “Look what happened with Nixon … no one wanted to fuck him, so he fucked everyone.” And we all know that Cynthia Nixon passes the sexiness test. Consensus: Yes

Carrie: While dating politician Bill (John Slattery) in season three, Carrie establishes that she never votes, but of course our girl would stomp her way into a polling place to cast her vote for Cynthia Nixon. She’s just the level of white-lady woke to wear suspenders embellished with campaign buttons. She’s With Her

Big: Once upon a time there might’ve been a significant three-episode arc wherein Big and Carrie got in a big fight over this. Over dinner one night, she might’ve eagerly invited him to donate; he would sip his drink and coolly decline. “I don’t get involved in politics,” he might’ve said with a smirk. It would’ve caused a big fuss in their relationship, but he’d eventually back down and write a check to Cynthia Nixon, but not vote because lord knows he’s not reliable. No

Charlotte (and Harry): Bless her heart, but this is where things get dicey. Early-seasons Charlotte, with her polo sweaters and ponytails, would have talked around Nixon’s candidacy at every brunch. She would not have voted for a liberal governor. But after marrying Harry, converting to Judaism, and becoming an uber Upper East Side mom, Charlotte would definitely throw a well-attended cocktail function in Nixon’s honor. Yes

Steve: What wouldn’t Steve do for this campaign? He’d organize rallies, offer up his bar as campaign headquarters (Nixon would say no outright; Miranda would politely decline), make Nixon for Governor merch himself. So: Obviously

Trey MacDougal: How’s Bunny voting? Alrighty then. So: No

Berger: “I’m sorry … I can’t … Don’t hate me.”

Which SATC Characters Would Vote for Cynthia Nixon?