Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Have Two Comedies in Development at CBS

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s production company has two projects in the works at CBS and CBS Television Studios. According to Variety, Gary Sanchez Productions is working on a single-cam TV adaptation of Ben Schwartz and Laura Moses’s book Things You Should Already Know About Dating, You F–cking Idiot, which was announced last year and slated to hit bookstores in October. Schwartz and Moses will write the TV adaptation together, and Schwartz will also serve as a co-executive producer.

Here’s the logline for the book:

For single millennials, this situation is all too familiar: You’re on a date. It’s going well! Then suddenly your date looks at you like you’re a f*cking idiot and you never hear from that person again. Guess you’re going to die alone, right? Maybe not! Humble authors Ben Schwartz and Laura Moses have written a book to save the future of the human race: Things You Should Already Know About Dating, You F*cking Idiot, a collection of 100 dating tips–complete with illustrations–that teaches clueless guys and girls the dos and don’ts of dating. In their book, Ben and Laura cover all the basics, from “Why are you texting in just Emojis, dummy?!” to “Stop playing games, idiot!” and, of course, “PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN, A**HOLE!” Simply put, this book will make you laugh and finally give you a fighting chance at not dying alone.

The second project in development at CBS, which will be produced by Gary Sanchez’s female-centric arm Gloria Sanchez Productions, is a comedy written by Erica Rivinoja, directed by Jake Szymanski, and starring Isla Fisher. Rivinoja currently writes for Fox’s Last Man on Earth and previously wrote for shows like South Park, Clone High, and Up All Night. Szymanski has been directing Funny or Die shorts since 2008 and also has directing credits on Saturday Night Live, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and most recently Andy Samberg’s HBO mockumentary Tour de Pharmacy. Plot details for the Isla Fisher project have not yet been revealed.

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Have Two Comedies in […]