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You’re Going to See a Lot More of Alec Baldwin on ABC

Baldwin is busy.

Alec Baldwin’s Trumpian commitments to Saturday Night Live aren’t going to be his only broadcast television pursuit in the coming year. As of today, Baldwin has inked a pretty snazzy deal with ABC that affirms his golden boy status at the network — not only will he be hosting a third season of the very enjoyable Match Game, but he also signed a two-year “first-look” deal with ABC Studios, which will find him developing a bunch of diverse scripted and unscripted programs. (Go ahead, tweet him your White House ideas.) His commitments to ABC won’t hinder his work at NBC, though — he’s still all set to reprise his Trump impersonation on SNL this fall, and he’ll also be starring in Aaron Sorkin’s A Few Good Men Live! next year as Colonel Nathan R. Jessup. Terrific! Not sad at all!

Is Alec Baldwin ABC’s New Golden Boy?