Charlie Sheen, Star of a Movie About 9/11, Might Still Be a 9/11 Truther

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

News of Charlie Sheen’s casting in 9/11, a movie about five strangers stuck inside a World Trade Center elevator on September 11, 2001, raised eyebrows when it was announced, particularly because Sheen made some controversial comments in a 2006 interview in which he suggested the buildings were destroyed due to “controlled demolition.” But director Martin Guigui says he wasn’t concerned with Sheen’s comments when he made his casting decisions; in fact, he said he always had Sheen in mind for the alpha male Wall Street character he plays in the film. “There is always going to be somebody who looks at 9/11 with Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg and judges,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. While Guigui prefers to ignore the criticism, we have to wonder what he thinks of Charlie Sheen’s most recent interview with THR, which didn’t exactly put his truther reputation to rest:

“I know I got lot of heat for the opinions I had that weren’t just my own,” Sheen told THR early in the interview. “I was not just coming up with stuff about 9/11. I was parroting those a lot smarter and a lot more experienced than myself, who had very similar questions. If I offended anyone, I apologize; and if I inspired anyone, then so be it.”

Hmm … Go on:

“I am more about moving forward,” Sheen said. “Not to put this behind us, because, as it was brilliantly written, we must never forget, but there are still a couple of things just rooted in simple physics that beg some measure of inquiry. I was in contact with a lot of family members and they were in concert with a lot of my questions.”

Questions like if jet fuel can melt steel beams?

9/11 Star Charlie Sheen Might Still Be a 9/11 Truther