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Alicia Vikander Appears to Be Cured of Tulip Fever in the Tomb Raider Trailer

Lara Croft raids tombs. It’s what she does. But what, you may wonder, did she do before raiding those tombs? According to the first trailer for March’s Tomb Raider reboot (itself based on the 2013 video-game reboot), young Lara (Alicia Vikander) was a posh bike courier with a completely normal neck who began her life of adventure in a search for her missing father (Dominic West). Gamers can judge for themselves whether the Oscar-winning Swedish actress pulls off the franchise’s arrow-shooting, chasm-leaping action, but personally, we’re reserving judgment until we find out what Vikander’s mom’s friend thinks.

See the First Trailer for Alicia Vikander’s New Tomb Raider