emmys 2017

Thank You, Anna Chlumsky, for These Glorious Emmys Reaction Shots

Anna Chlumsky didn’t win an Emmy Sunday night, but she won the Emmys: The five-time Veep nominee had the broadcast’s most GIF-able, meme-able face. From triumph, to shock, to a teary nod from the audience to our rightful president Selina Meyer, Chlumsky’s face is your barometer for these harsh times. She served the best reactions this side of the Oscars’ MoonlightLa La Land envelope snafu. A formal request: For every other awards show that doesn’t feature Rihanna looking bored or Winona Ryder Winona Ryder-ing, keep the camera on Chlumsky all night.

“These expensive! These is red bottoms! These is bloody shoes!

Here’s Anna Chlumsky, channeling all of us, wondering how Sean Spicer can possibly continue to fail upwards.

Let’s look past the fact that Kevin Spacey and Tony Hale look like they just left the set of a Property Brothers biopic. Look there, in the back! There’s Chlumsky again, loving all this tea!

This is Anna Chlumsky congratulating Tony Hale for the show’s Outstanding Comedy Series, but it’s also Anna Chlumsky giving you a high five, telling you that the Emmys are almost over and a nightcap is near.

Thank You, Anna Chlumsky, for These Emmys Reaction Shots