Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump Attempts to Learn Some Manners at Charm School on ‘The President Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s President Show, where Anthony Atamanuik’s Donald Trump heads to charm school in an attempt to learn the proper etiquette when it comes to handshakes, greeting world leaders, eating steak, basic world geography, and hand gestures. Unfortunately for Trump, though, the charm school seems to be haunted by a mysterious figure in the mirror who is determined to terrify him. “There’s a ghost in a mirror, and he’s filled with hate, and he speaks to me through the mirror and he says ‘Find the way to destroy as many people as possible,’” Trump tells one of the etiquette teachers later in the segment. “I hate the man in the mirror…cause he knows my secrets.”

Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump Attempts to Learn Some […]