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Benjamin Netanyahu Keeps Going to Sleep No More, Because Apparently He Really Loves Masks

Mask off. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Benjamin Netanyahu is a huge fan of the theatrical hit of 2011. According to “Page Six,” the Israeli prime minister stopped by Sleep No More this week, where, like all audience members, he wore a white mask, and got to explore the Macbeth–slash–1920s-sex-party adventures the show is known for. So did Bibi witness the show’s strobe-lit Satanic sex party scene? Did he get pulled into that one-on-one where he gets locked in the Narnia closet? Or did he prefer to spend his time perusing the candy room, eating sweets, and enjoying anonymity away from the crowds? Netanyahu also went to the show last year and, according to “Page Six,” “was seen running around Sleep No More with a frantic energy.” The guy loves anonymity, what can we say?

Immersive Theater Fan Benjamin Netanyahu Loves Sleep No More