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Beyoncé Finally Saw Dear Evan Hansen After Ben Platt ‘Conjured’ Her

He did it. Photo: Twitter/Ben Platt

Well, Ben Platt, toss your Tony Award to the side and consider this the moment you truly peaked. After publicly begging, pleading, and groveling at Beyoncé’s feet on Twitter for her to come see Dear Evan Hansen — with his last resort being “I will conjure her” — the dude’s done it. Beyoncé finally saw Dear Evan Hansen last night, sparing Platt further offstage tears had she stopped by after his departure in a couple months. What’s more, Platt seems to have harnessed the power of his puppy-dog eyes to conjure her to appear in his dressing room, where he subsequently lost all ability to function. This, folks, is the appropriate response to standing in the presence of her Holiness.

Did Beyoncé also accept his years-old invitation to be her Valentine? Did she merely get lost on her way to Rihanna’s Diamond Ball and didn’t have the heart to tell him? Did someone on her team sabotage her chance of seeing Hamilton again? (Fire them all.) Did she take pity on Platt enough to sign his cast? We demand answers.

Beyoncé Saw Dear Evan Hansen and Ben Platt Freaked Out