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Björk Urges a Lover to Care for Her in Haunting New Song ‘The Gate’

Björk. Photo: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

While Björk’s last full-length Vulnicura documented the dissolution of a long-term partnership, the Icelandic singer has said that her new album, which might be called Utopia, will be her “Tinder album.” If you were wondering what swiping senselessly through millions of mirror selfies and Snapchat-filtered faces sounds like (okay, she wasn’t being entirely literal about the Tinder part), her first single is finally here. On “The Gate” Björk ruminates on love, at one point claiming that she “didn’t used to be so needy” after asking for reciprocal love in her lyrics: “If you care for me, care for me … And then I’ll care for you, care for you.” Hear the poetic new song, which features flute, dissonance, and Björk’s trademark vocals, below, and look for a new LP come November.

Listen to Björk’s Haunting New Song ‘The Gate’