Check Out Some Clips from the Premiere of ‘The Opposition with Jordan Klepper’

Comedy Central debuted Jordan Klepper’s new show The Opposition last night, and for fans of Klepper’s work as a correspondent on The Daily Show, the premiere was a very promising start. In the above clip, Klepper connects the character he played on The Daily Show with the new show, gets ahead of all the mainstream media outlets trying to discredit his show as “fake,” and delivers an important message to the network. “To the suits at Comedy Central who realized that giving a show to an authentic free thinker like me was the only way to save their precious network: Thanks! But, guess what? Now we’re on the inside. We’re the wrench in the gears, the raisin in the cookie, the goose in Sully’s right engine, and we will be greeted as liberators,” Klepper says. “Why ‘we’? Because by watching this program, you’re becoming a part of this movement – a bona fide leader in the fight to take this country back. So tune in every night so I can tell you leaders exactly what to think and do.”

Watch some more clips from the episode below, including an introduction to Klepper’s team of “Citizen Journalists” as well as Klepper revealing The Opposition’s Golden Rule: “May you only hear from others what you’ve already been telling yourself.”

Check Out Some Clips from the Premiere of ‘The […]