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Call Larry David Bald All You Want, But There’s One Curb Your Enthusiasm Insult He Can’t Stand

Larry David is getting old. He looks great! But he’s still a member of the Septuagenarian Club, and no amount of magical chicken from Al Abbas will ever turn back the clock. L.D. knows this, he embraces this, yet he found all of the improvised, ageist insults that were hurled his way during the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to be difficult to adapt to. “Every show somebody’s yelling, cursing, everything. Usually it’s ‘you bald bastard,’ things like that. Now, it’s ‘old bastard,’” he explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “The ‘bald bastard’ used to make me laugh. But the ‘old bastard,’ oh god, no, I didn’t like that at all. Boy, do I miss being called bald.” We have a feeling Susie was involved with that one.

One Curb Your Enthusiasm Insult That Larry David Can’t Stand