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All of Larry David’s Normcore Golf Looks on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Photo: HBO

If you’ve ever rewatched the entirety of Curb Your Enthusiasm, you’ll find one constant on the show since day one: Larry David loooves golf. So much so that his golfing exploits with Jeff and the boys have spurred a solid number of side plots throughout the show’s eight seasons, ranging from an accidental black-swan killing to his unmerited feud with a local weatherman. But we’re not here to discuss Larry’s misadventures. We’re here to wax poetic on his normcore golfing lewks. Let’s take a walk down an 18-hole memory lane and remember why he wore them all.

The “always pick up a guy’s dropped golf ball, you never know when you’ll need directions from him in the future” look

The “maybe the weatherman wasn’t actually trying to screw me and my tee times over” look

The “golf course human murder” look

The “golf course swan murder” look

The “an affair will be revealed thanks to a Palestinian chicken restaurant and this tournament will never finish because of it” look

The “not all Svens are from Sweden” look

The “Does this golfer in front of me, who’s also my father’s doctor, have the yips?” look

The “I know I’m not supposed to hang with a sex offender, but he’s really improving my swing” look

Photo: HBO

The “prettay, prettay, prettay much over the minutiae of my existence” look

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Larry David’s Normcore Golf Looks