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Daily Show Offers New Explanation for Why Donald Trump Walked Into Beauty-Pageant Changing Rooms

For once, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah may have discovered a theory that would exonerate Donald Trump of icky behavior, however, it’s doubtful the president will appreciate the show’s explanation. On Tuesday night, correspondent Michelle Wolf stopped by behind the desk to talk about the question-and-answer round of the Miss America competition. As it turns out, these young beauty pageant contestants were ready to take on the biggest issues of the day, and they seemed much more poised and better informed than a certain politician. “Remember how Donald Trump said he used to sneak into pageant dressing rooms? Maybe he wasn’t being creepy, maybe he just needed answers,” Wolf joked.

Noah and his writers will be appearing at the Tribeca TV Festival on Sunday, September 24.

Daily Show Explains Why Trump Entered Pageant Changing Rooms