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If You Trust a Man Who Wears Scarves, Darren Aronofsky Says Mother! Is a Good Date Movie

Aronofsky. Photo: Francois Durand/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Do not go on a date with Darren Aronofsky! It’s too late for his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence, but there’s still time for the rest of us. Aronofsky did a Reddit AMA this week about his controversial film Mother! when a redditor (“Professor Buttercup,” who does not seem like a professor, to be honest) asked the director if his movie would be good for a date. Aronofsky said yes. This is not true. Is your sink braced? Do you like — or at least tolerate — babies? Then this is not the date movie for you. “If watching this movie doesn’t lead to conversation the relationship won’t work out,” Aronofsky reasoned. “So yes, I think it’s a good date movie.”

There are plenty of other things Darren Aronofsky can advise you on: maybe politics. Maybe things to do in Boston — well, just outside of Boston, actually, in Cambridge. Maybe the Kardashians, even. Definitely scarves, but definitely not dating.

Darren Aronofsky Says Mother! Is a Good Date Movie