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David Harbour Is Super Swoll and Super Red in First Image of Hellboy

Well, it’s not Ron Perlman, but it’s not bad! The official Twitter account for the movie reboot of Hellboy posted the first look at David Harbour as the stone-fisted son of Azzael today, and he’s just as big as the Guillermo del Toro version, but he’s distinctly meaner-looking this time around. The scarring on his massive chest is a little more gnarly. (Vulture will make an exception for him in the case against too-swoll men since he is half-demon.) The horns are more coarsely shorn off. The scowl is a little more, well, scowley, and at least from this front-facing angle, the patterned markings on his right shoulder that Perlman sported seem to be absent in this incarnation. With Stranger Things going bigger and more fantastic this season, maybe Harbour’s Sheriff Hopper will get touched by the supernatural and morph into Hellboy to thwart the sieging elements of the upside-down. Okay, that definitely will not happen, but it wouldn’t feel totally out of place if it did.

The Neil Marshall-directed comic book adaptation co-stars Milla Jovachich, Ian McShane, and oh yeah, Daniel Dae Kim, and it will arrive in theaters next year.

David Harbour Is Super Swoll, Super Red in New Hellboy Image