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Alexander Payne’s Downsizing Trailer: Why Shrink Your Lifestyle When You Can Literally Shrink Your Body?

Ah yes, the dreaded mid-life crisis. What can possibly transpire? A new car. A new job. Potentially a new lover. But Alexander Payne doesn’t have time for your reasonable guesses — if you’re experiencing some adult ennui, he suggests it would be best to shut up and shrink yourself and live in a miniaturized world created by Norwegian scientists. Such is the premise for Payne’s new social satire Downsizing, which follows a Midwestern guy (played by Matt Damon) who takes this irreversible plunge in the hopes of a better and more fulfilling life. Along the way, he meets some interesting characters (party boy Christoph Waltz!) as he adapts to living in this new miniature community. It’s set to be released on December 22.

Downsizing Trailer: Shrink Your Body! Improve Your Life!