George Clooney Is Ready for the Next Stage of His Acting Career: Kissing All the Guys

Photo: Getty Images for IMDb

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, George Clooney, who hasn’t taken an acting role since last year’s Money Monster, offered some insight into his lengthy career. “As you get older, the parts aren’t as interesting,” he explained. “I’m not a leading man anymore. Nobody wants to see me kiss the girl.” But while audiences might not get the exact same thrill watching Clooney kiss the girl for the nth time (also, speak for yourself?), the Suburbicon director is wise enough to know what movie-going audiences are ready and extremely willing to see: George Clooney kissing every guy.

“I could kiss the guy. Well, that’s my next phase, you know. You understand that,” the actor laughed while being interviewed by Dave Karger at the IMDb Studio at TIFF hosted by the VISA Infinite Lounge, where Clooney promoted his work on the Coen brothers’ latest. Karger pointed to Matt Damon’s turn in Behind the Candelabra as inspired actorly guy-kissing. “Christopher Plummer did it at like 80, I think,” Clooney mused. “I have lots of room to grow here.” The actor pointed to Paul Newman and Gregory Peck as actors who aged gracefully beyond their previous leading-man roles. “They became character actors more, and I understand that,” he explains. “It’s much better than trying to hold onto something and put a softer lens on every five minutes.” While this might mean Clooney will end up pursuing fewer and more out-of-the box roles in front of the camera, he still wanted to reassure everyone (and you, and himself) that the future is bright: “There’s still tons of kissing.”

George Clooney Discusses Kissing Guys Onscreen