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Harry Potter Documentary Will Provide a History of Magic on the BBC

Photo: Warner Bros.

Muggles everywhere can rejoice, because we’re getting a new, behind-the-scenes look at the magical world of Harry Potter, courtesy of the BCC. The network will premiere the documentary Harry Potter: A History of Magic in honor of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Like the Hogwarts class, History of Magic, this documentary will deal with the “origins of the world of Hogwarts, from basilisks through to broomsticks,” according to the BBC. In addition, the documentary will include an interview in which J.K. Rowling talks about the personal items she’s donated to the accompanying British Library exhibition of the same name as the documentary, which will open in London on October 20. The documentary will also feature fans re-creating “some of the best loved spells, potions, and magical moments from the series.” With all this included, the documentary already sounds like it will be much more riveting than a class taught by History of Magic’s ghostly professor Professor Binns.

Harry Potter BBC Documentary to Provide a History of Magic