a box office so big it's scary

The New It Had the Biggest Opening-Weekend Box Office for a Horror Movie Ever

Photo: Warner Bros.

That Derry air smells like money tonight. Warner Bros. and New Line’s reimagining of Stephen King’s It came out of the gate faster than a homicidal clown leaping across your flooded basement on Thursday, pulling in the highest-ever preview box office for an R-rated film, horror film, or a September release. Now, after making $117.2 million at 4,103 domestic movie theaters, director Andy Muschietti’s It has surpassed all previous horror opening weekends. It’s also the second biggest opening for an R-rated film of all time, coming in behind Deadpool’s 2016 opening weekend, which pulled in a whooping $132.4 million. Sounds like Pennywise will be upgrading himself to a newer, much nicer sewer murder lair for the sequel.

It Had the Biggest Opening Weekend for a Horror Movie Ever