Now You Can Watch Jake Gyllenhaal Hear the Truth About Nocturnal Animals: His Character Had the Lamest Death

Okay, okay, you’ve seen this shtick before: Someone not very famous tells someone super-famous the truth about one of their movies (a.k.a. the entire premise of Between Two Ferns). But in this video promoting Stronger, Jake Gyllenhaal sits down for an interview with Jeff Bauman, the real-life Boston Marathon bombing survivor Gyllenhaal plays in the movie. They talk about their favorite Boston movies and Bauman shades Taylor Swift and then — finally! — Bauman tells Gyllenhaal the truth about Nocturnal Animals. His character had the most hilariously dull death in an otherwise intense movie. “What was that movie where you fell on your own gun?” Bauman says. “What the fuck? You fell on your own gun and shot yourself.”

Jake Gyllenhaal Hears Truth About His Nocturnal Animals Role