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Even Jay-Z Couldn’t Resist Watching a Leaked Game of Thrones Episode

He’s fessed up. Photo: BBC ONE

If all this time you imagined Jay-Z and Beyoncé coupled up at home on the couch on Sunday nights watching Jon Snow and Daenerys be incest-y, here’s your rare reminder that they’re only human. Jay cheated and just watched one of the leaks instead. Confessing to BBC Radio 1, Hov says he was about to board a flight and just couldn’t resist. “I feel bad, I feel guilty. I actually stole a little episode they put out that leaked,” he admits. But he considers it karmic retribution: “What you want me to do? People bootleg my album. I’m old a little bit.” He claims to have still watched the episode again on Sunday (mmhm, sure) to “give them a little bit of the ratings” because he would never do his and Bey’s favorite show dirty. (Except seemingly watch it without her. Rude!) Frankly we’re just shocked no one’s sending them personalized screeners in advance. HBO, you played yourselves.

Jay-Z Definitely Watched a Leaked Game of Thrones Episode