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Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates the End of the GOP Health-Care Plan and Tells Senators How to Do Their Job

On Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host was happy to announce the death of Graham-Cassidy, the latest GOP health-care bill that won’t get a vote in the Senate. Last week, Kimmel played a huge part in steering the conversation against the Obamacare repeal plan, with monologues that packed a punch while explaining, in layman’s terms, the problems with the legislation. Kimmel originally ditched his apolitical reputation months before when he revealed that his son needed an open-heart surgery shortly after birth, and called on politicians to protect other families in similar circumstances by ensuring that any future health-care system guaranteed no lifetime limits to coverage or discrimination against preexisting conditions.

After praising Senator John McCain, one of the three Republican “no” votes that stopped the bill from coming to the Senate floor, Kimmel offered a solution for fixing the problems in the current system. “Look, I’m not a congressman, I don’t want to tell you how to do your jobs, but here’s how to do your jobs,” Kimmel said. “Instead of writing a bill by candlelight on a Bazooka wrapper in the back of a Senate broom closet and then lying about what it will do, try this: Hold a bunch of hearings.” Kimmel recommended the Senate call on a committee of health-care experts to formulate a plan that would help the most Americans. “I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes you have to think inside the box,” Kimmel quipped.

Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates the End of the GOP Health-Care Plan