Jimmy Kimmel Devotes a Third Night in a Row to Pointing Out How Trump Would Sign Anything to Get Rid of Obamacare

When it comes to the new health-care bill Republicans are trying to rush through Congress, the gloves are officially off for Jimmy Kimmel. For a third night in a row, Kimmel devoted the entirety of his opening monologue to criticizing the health-care plan and its authors. Months prior, Senator Bill Cassidy promised any future health-care legislation would have to pass the “Jimmy Kimmel test.” With Cassidy co-authoring a bill that doesn’t protect Americans from getting their rates jacked up and doesn’t prohibit insurance companies from setting lifetime caps, Kimmel is now calling out the senator for not following through on his word.

After firing back at Cassidy (who claimed Kimmel didn’t know enough about the bill) on Tuesday and Wednesday, Kimmel joked that Trump is so eager to get any repeal-and-replace bill passed that he would “sign copies of the Quran at the Barnes and Noble in Fallujah if it meant he could get rid of Obamacare.” While Kimmel said he’s been urged to give Cassidy the benefit of the doubt, he replied that he indeed doubts “all the benefits he claims are part of the new health-care bill.” And to his detractors, who urge Kimmel to trust Cassidy, who’s a doctor, the late-night host convincingly displayed all of the medical organizations who have come out against the Graham-Cassidy legislation.

Kimmel Says Trump Will Sign Anything to Get Rid of Obamacare