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The Entire Motivation For Game Of Thrones Actor John Bradley’s Career Is Meeting Ginger Spice

Samwell Tarly is a beloved character in Game of Thrones, but the actor who plays him, John Bradley, is something of an unknown. He’s not exactly a constant presence in the celebrity rumor mill, and as his Wikipedia page reflects, there’s really not much biographical information about him in the public forum. To help Bradley boost his Wiki-profile, the actor sat down with comedian Josh Gondelman for a round of Wiki What? While filling out his peer-edited biography together, Bradley shared his inspiration for getting into in the first place. And like so many young girls of the aughts, the part-time Maester said he was driven by a desire to meet his favorite Spice Girl, “Genuinely I said to myself when I was about eight years old, ‘I have to get famous in order to meet Geri Halliwell.’” Bradley is far more famous than he was when he was eight, but it sounds like he has not yet met Ginger Spice, since when he was asked how to spell her last name he apologized for not knowing how many Ls to include before saying, “Sorry, Geri. Still, meet me.”

John Bradley Of Game Of Thrones Wants To Meet Ginger Spice