Julio Torres Shares His Thoughts on DACA on ‘The Tonight Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon welcomes Julio Torres – whose Late Night set from April you should definitely watch if you haven’t already – as a “Tonight Show correspondent” to share his thoughts on DACA and immigration. As a comedian born in El Salvador and now living in the States with a visa, Torres has a unique view on all the issues DACA brings up. “The other day I was covered completely in glitter holding a little crystal pyramid wondering how to incorporate it into my act and I thought ‘Oh, I’m sorry, is this one of the many good jobs I’m stealing from hardworking Americans?’” he says. “I think this will all work out, but it’s just frustrating that we keep having these conversations. Immigrant or Dreamer or illegal – these are broad labels composed of very real, unique people with their own hopes and dreams. Today I’m a legal little space twink, but tomorrow I could be just another bad hombre on my way out.”

Julio Torres Shares His Thoughts on DACA on ‘The […]