Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke’s Dolce & Gabbana Ads Are Just Them Interacting With Normals

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke’s Dolce & Gabbana ads are like the B-sides for the Game of Thrones season finale: Feel free to thirst openly, and believe there is a universe in which you can run into Kit Harington in a quaint Italian village and he will lead you dancing through the streets. Harington and Clarke inexplicably find themselves hanging out on side streets, kissing and hugging a bunch of regula degula schmegula people that they definitely do not know (but no, not each other this time). Directed by Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah), the Thrones stars look like they’re having a pretty good time, seeing as they’re hanging with some normals and all.

*Extremely Mark Wahlberg voice* “Say hi to your mother for me.”

Here is Kit Harington seducing a bunch of children (and also me).

According to these GIFs, Kit Harington has one signature dance move: shimmying his shoulders. According to me, it works.

Nothing but respect for my president!

“Let them eat pasta!” is not what Marie Antoinette said, but it’s what Emilia Clark would say, but give her a sec — her mouth is full.

Please clap.

See the ads in full below.

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke Dance With Normals for D&G