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Even Kyle MacLachlan Isn’t Immune to Weird Onscreen Sex With an Ex-Girlfriend

Kyle MacLachlan, a noted national treasure with an outstanding social-media presence, knocked all of our socks off with Twin Peaks: The Return this summer. (Emmys 2018, baby!) It was outstanding, he effortlessly portrayed four characters, blah blah blah — but he also had to engage in a somewhat weird moment for the sake of the craft: Do a sex scene with an ex-girlfriend. And that ex was none other than Laura Dern. “It’s very funny because David [Lynch] would sit down and say, Okay, this is what we’re gonna do. He talks you through it, so you feel pretty comfortable,” he explained on Ellen. “And then you sit down, and Laura and I were kind of like, Okay, here we go. Welcome back, 25 years later! She looks great, by the way. I gotta say it. Yeah, it was weird. We had a couple of laughs for sure.” Now, if only he’d tell us if they were Richard and Linda during that scene.

Kyle MacLachlan Isn’t Immune to ‘Weird’ Sex Scenes With Exes