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Lady Gaga Prepares for the Super Bowl Halftime Show in Five Foot Two Trailer

In Gaga: Five Foot Two, the upcoming documentary about a year in Lady Gaga’s life, the singer isn’t afraid to go personal — or reveal her ups and downs. In the official teaser for the movie, which drops on Netflix September 22, the chart-topping mega star can be seen anxiously walking into a crowd, stoned sitting in a car, triumphantly singing outdoors, sadly crying in a hallway, and emotionally doing many other things both onstage and in her everyday life. The bulk of the action in the trailer seems to take place leading up to her Super Bowl performance, but Gaga has already revealed a few other scenes on Instagram, which touch on her experience with chronic pain and her feud with Madonna.

Lady Gaga Prepares for Super Bowl in Five Foot Two Trailer