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Larry David Says Obama’s Golf Game Is Very Presidential

“He’s a cool customer on the golf course.” Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for its ninth season this Sunday after a six-year hiatus, and by all accounts, creator and star Larry David has spent a lot of his time off playing golf.

One of his favorite golf partners over the years has been President Obama. The pair have been spotted on Martha’s Vineyard, where David has a house and where the Obama family takes their annual August vacation. According to David, Obama’s golfing style is just what you’d expect: very chill. “He doesn’t cheat at all, he loves golf, he’s a cool customer on the golf course,” David told Vulture last night at the premiere of season nine of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. “You can learn a lot about a person when you play golf with them.”

“Like when you play golf with me, you can see what a baby I am,” David continued. “How unfit I would be to be president. But when you play with him, you say, ‘Oh yeah, that guy, I’m glad he’s president.’ He hits a terrible shot, and he just goes, ‘Oh, hey, too bad.’ And then moves on. He’s very good at handling adversity which is what you need in that office. I’m not. I freak out.”

David says he personally returns to golf, which is featured frequently in Curb Your Enthusiasm, because it’s a great way to burn daylight hours. “It wastes a lot of time. That is the main good feature of it,” David said. “By the time you leave your house, and you get home, it is almost five and a half hours. So that is a big time waster.”

Larry David Says Obama’s Golf Game Is Very Presidential