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Anthony Scaramucci Was None Too Pleased When His Doppelgänger Mario Cantone Crashed His Appearance on The View

Not every ex-member of the Trump administration is going to have an easy go of it with TV appearances: Anthony Scaramucci, more of a caricature than a man, went on The View hoping to milk his infamy for further fame yet found there were other plans in store for him. Panelist Joy Behar asked the Mooch who his preferred impersonator was between Bill Hader and Mario Cantone, and, unwittingly playing right into the show’s plans, he chose the latter. In response, out walked Cantone dressed in a matching suit and exaggerated masculine posturing. Kissing Scaramucci on the cheek, Cantone remarked, “He’s my doppelgänger. Wasn’t that the name of the movie Ted Cruz was watching?”

Scaramucci seemed less than thrilled, giving off an apparent groan when Cantone first walked out and firing off the barb, “How bummed were you when I got fired? You were on your way, and then you got shot down like a little bird.” Cantone easily shot back, “You got nothing. Spicer got the Emmys and you’re sitting here with four bleeding-heart chiacchierones.” Breaking character, the Sex and the City actor also noted, “This is horrifying to do this in front of your mother.”

Mario Cantone Pissed Off the Mooch by Crashing The View