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Mark Duplass Is Super Disturbing Again in the First Trailer for Creep 2

If you saw the first Creep, you were treated to Mark Duplass putting on the extremely unsettling skin suit of a serial killer named Aaron who lures in his victims by hiring them to film his life. (Not like weird sex stuff, mostly just banal documentation.) The whole movie was basically just Duplass and the movie’s director, Patrick Brice (who co-starred), in a two-man show of escalating dread that finished with a wonderfully startling climax. Now in Creep 2, Aaron is back on the hunt, and Desiree Akhavan is onboard as Sara, the latest unknowing cinematographer who will have to unwrap the mystery of Aaron in time to get away from him unscathed — or at least alive.

Mark Duplass Is So Disturbing in First Trailer for Creep 2