Meet Jordan Klepper’s Wingman Tim Baltz on ‘The Opposition’

Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition, where Jordan Klepper chats with Citizen Journalist Tim Baltz, who is trying his best to be the most effective wingman possible for Klepper. “It’s just like Steve Bannon said: Being a good wingman isn’t about staying on the inside and doing what you ask. It’s about going to the outside and actively working against you,” he tells Klepper. “Jordan, I want to help you find a stepmother for your various children. That’s why I’m out here gathering intel, writing down license plate numbers, and undermining potential adversaries.” “What adversaries?!” Klepper asks. “Alpha males who have better bodies and are more handsome than you. And there are lots of them, Jordan. So I find them and pick fights, which buys you time to trick the female!”

If you missed Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp’s debut as Citizen Journalists earlier this week, you can watch their segment together below:

Meet Jordan Klepper’s Wingman Tim Baltz on ‘The […]