Nathan Fielder Catches Up with the Ghost Realtor in This ‘Nathan for You: A Celebration’ Sneak Peek

Tomorrow, Comedy Central will air an hourlong Nathan for You special called Nathan for You: A Celebration, where Fielder will reunite with some of the people he’s worked with over the past three seasons on the show. In the above sneak peek posted to Facebook today, Fielder checks in with Sue AKA “The Ghost Realtor” from season 2, who has embraced her rebranding and even has a new psychic partner. The special also features updates from P.I. Brian Wolfe and some other past season guests and airs on Comedy Central tomorrow night at 10:00pm. After that, season 4 of Nathan for You premieres on Thursday, September 28th at 10:00pm and wraps up in early November with a two-hour finale. Comedy Central promised that the finale will be “unlike anything that has been broadcast on television before,” and Rolling Stone says the finale episode “makes even ’The Hero’ seem simple by comparison.”

Nathan Fielder Catches Up with the Ghost Realtor in […]