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Owen Wilson and Ed Helms Narrow Down Their Potential Biological Father to Four Candidates in the Trailer for Father Figures

Owen Wilson and Ed Helms have daddy issues in the raunchy trailer for Father Figures, namely the problem of not knowing the identity of their biological father. However, after interrogating their mom (played by Glenn Close) who insists that “monogamy wasn’t exactly a priority” in her past, the two sons narrow down their potential father to four possible candidates. While Terry Crews plays himself as one of their prospective progenitors, J.K. Simmons, Ving Rhames, and Christopher Walken play Wilson and Helms’s other likely dads who come from different walks of life: Simmons’s character is tattooed with anger issues, Walken plays a veterinarian who runs at the mere sight of Wilson and Helms, and Ving Rhames insists, not so believably, that all he did was “cuddle” with their mother. Watch Wilson and Helms try to catch up on some father-son bonding in the trailer above.

Owen Wilson and Ed Helms Have Daddy Issues in New Trailer