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A Rude Person Has Been Tying It-Like Red Balloons to Sewer Grates in Pennsylvania, and Local Police Are Pissed

Photo: Warner Bros

The Pennsylvania town of Lititz, just north of Lancaster, is having some fun with the imminent release of It. Some not-good Samaritans have apparently been tying floating red balloons onto sewer grates around the city, a nod to poor little Georgie Denbrough, who followed his paper boat into a storm drain and got snatched away by the now-infamous clown agent of Satan known as Pennywise. In response, the local police department posted a Facebook message saying they were removing the balloons because they’re freaking people out, and asked the “pranksters” to please refrain from doing any more creepy things:

A certain movie is coming to theaters in two days, and a local prankster took it upon themselves to promote the movie……………we give points for creativity, however we want the local prankster to know that we were completely terrified as we removed these balloons from the grates and we respectfully request they do not do that again. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, search “It” and watch the preview, but we suggest watching the preview with a friend or coworker with all the lights on and the sound down low :D

“You’ll float too”

The Pennsylvania State Police also recently warned citizens to be on the lookout for a resurgence in unsanctioned clown activity with the new movie on the way (we’d take ominous red balloons over creepy clowns).

Perhaps seizing on a slow day at the office, the LPD posted an update about the forensic investigation being carried out to find the clown responsible for tying the balloons up around Lititz. Fortunately, the station had a red wig on hand to properly outfit its detective.

Someone Is Tying It-Like Red Balloons to Sewer Grates in PA