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Sean Spicer Still Forced to Talk About Inauguration Crowd During His Late-Night Debut on Jimmy Kimmel

Either Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of Sean Spicer has gotten more realistic, or the former White House press secretary made his late-night debut on Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Unlike the dour Spicer seen combating reporters from behind the podium — or among the bushes — the Republican was quick to laugh about his rocky tenure working for the highest office in the land. So what hasn’t changed about Spicey? Well, he’s still unwilling to admit the facts about 45’s inauguration crowd size, and he kept his commitment to repeatedly reminding the world that Donald Trump did indeed win the election and is now president. Just goes to show, you can remove Sean Spicer from the office, but he’ll never leave the podium behind.

Real Sean Spicer Made His Late-Night Debut on Jimmy Kimmel