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Seth Meyers Claims That If This Republican ‘Hail Mary’ Health-Care Bill Passes, a Hail Mary Will Be the Only Affordable Health-Care Left

The new Republican health-care bill spearheaded by senators Graham and Cassidy is currently being referred to as a “last ditch” and “Hail Mary” effort by the media. However, considering the fact that the bill strips away protections for people with preexisting conditions and guts Medicaid, Late Night’s Seth Meyers points out that if this bill passes, a literal Hail Mary might be the only health-care option available. In his most recent Closer Look segment, Meyers went on to give an example of such a prayer: “Hail Mary, full of grace, does this mole look weird to you?” Later in the clip above, Meyers highlights how although Republicans are supposed to limit government spending, Trump’s cabinet members Tom Price and Steve Mnuchin have recently taken extremely expensive private-jet rides that would seemingly prove otherwise.

Seth Meyers Says GOP Health-Care Bill Is ‘Savage and Cruel’