Seth Meyers Thinks Trump’s DACA Reversal Proves He’s the Worst Negotiator Since Daffy Duck

In his most recent Closer Look segment, Late Night host Seth Meyers talked about how Trump’s dealings with Democrats over DACA proves what a terrible negotiator he is, especially when it comes to building the wall he promised to his support base. As Meyers points out, Trump initially said Mexico would pay for the wall, then that Congress would pay for it, and then that he would exchange DACA in order to get it built. And now, to the fury of Republicans, he just traded DACA for absolutely nothing. In the segment above, Meyers uses a clip of Daffy Duck getting tricked by Bugs Bunny into screaming it’s “duck season!” to claim that even Daffy’s negotiation style is better than Trump’s.

Seth Meyers Thinks Trump Is Terrible at Negotiating DACA