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Seth Meyers Says If You Can’t Connect the Dots When It Comes to Russia, It’s Because They’ve Basically Fused Into One Giant Dot

Between Rocket Man, dotard, and another attempt at repealing Obamacare, it’s been yet another long, mentally grueling week in politics. Which is why you might just now be catching up on the latest developments in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election. Fortunately for your extremely limited Friday night bandwidth, it’s all pretty straightforward, or as straightforward as Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort offering to give “private briefings” to a close ally of Vladimir Putin can be. Haha, just another week in American politics! Oh, also hackers attempted to breach the election systems of 21 states in November 2016. See you crazy kids back here on Monday! Or in however many minutes we’ll get between now and the next crisis! Try to get some sleep.

Seth Meyers Reminds You About That Ongoing Russia Probe