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Seth Meyers Says Steve Bannon Calls the Access Hollywood Tape Leak ‘Billy Bush Weekend’ Like It’s a Holiday

On CBS This Morning, former Trump adviser/sentient head cold Steve Bannon — who now describes himself as the president’s wingman — kept referring to “Billy Bush weekend,” like it’s a national holiday with its own Hallmark aisle. When Bannon describes the day, it sounds like he’s recounting the Red Wedding: “Billy Bush Saturday, to me, was a litmus test. If you side with [Trump], you have to side with him, and that’s what Billy Bush weekend showed me. Billy Bush Saturday showed me who really had Donald Trump’s back,” Bannon told Charlie Rose. Bannon was talking about the weekend the Access Hollywood recording in which the president can be heard encouraging Billy Bush to “grab [women] by the pussy” dropped, but his choice of words makes it sound like an annual festival. “It’s not a holiday,” Seth says during Late Night’s Closer Look. “Gather ’round, children, can you hear it? It’s the sound of the Access Hollywood bus! Billy Bush Weekend is here, Tic Tacs for everyone!”

Seth Meyers to Bannon: ‘Billy Bush Weekend’ Isn’t a Holiday