Seth Meyers Thinks Trump Doesn’t Have Second Thoughts About Ending DACA Because He Doesn’t Have ‘First Thoughts’

In his most recent Closer Look segment, Seth Meyers took on Trump’s ambiguous stance on DACA, the Obama-era policy that permitted young illegal immigrants the chance to stay and work legally in the United States. President Trump first rescinded DACA, but then tweeted he was willing to change his mind about DACA. However, he finally told reporters that he had “no second thoughts” about his decision to end DACA. Confused? Well, so is Meyers. The Late Night host argued that Trump obviously can’t have second thoughts on DACA considering the fact that he doesn’t even have first thoughts. Seth makes a lot of sense when he explains that you “can’t have a sequel to a movie that was never made.”

Seth Meyers Says Trump Is Acting Like a ‘Pathless Hurricane’