Seth Meyers Says Trump Is Treating Racial Controversy Like ‘La Macarena’

With regards to his unpopular, ongoing feud with the NFL’s national-anthem protesters, Trump told a private dinner of conservative leaders, “It’s really caught on.” Based on the president’s remarks, Late Night’s Seth Meyers asserted that Trump is treating the current racial controversy like the ’90s dance anthem that inspired an embarrassing choreographed dance beloved by all, “La Macarena.” On his most recent Closer Look segment, Meyers went on to cover how Trump lied about how the GOP actually had enough votes to pass the Graham-Cassidy health-care bill but couldn’t do so because an unnamed senator was in the hospital. This led the host to joke that senators would now have to check in safe on Facebook in response to the insane rumors Trump is spreading about them.

Seth Meyers: Trump Treats NFL Controversy Like ‘La Macarena’