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Honestly, Interviewing With SNL’s Lorne Michaels Sounds Like a Surprisingly Chill Experience

For fashion, there’s Anna Wintour. For technology, there’s Jeff Bezos, we guess? And for comedy, there’s a Canadian man named Lorne Michaels, the gatekeeper of all things Saturday Night Live. Scoring an interview with Michaels is undoubtedly one of the biggest goals a budding comedian can attain — minus, you know, actually landing a job on the show — and Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost was nice enough to relay what his experience was like. It wasn’t too bad! He just didn’t do himself any favors by not mentioning Dana Carvey and not thinking up some return questions that weren’t “where are you from?” Always mention Dana Carvey, everyone!

What It’s Like to Interview With SNL’s Lorne Michaels